The Players:


Dane Ordaro




Dane is a Paladin of Solari, the Goddess of the Sun. He is the brother of Reece. His parents died when he was very young and he and his brother were raised by Elder Marcus. He spent many years at the temple training to become a paladin, cares little for time wasters or foolishness. Even before deciding on his path in life he felt the need to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Right now his first duty is to protect his brother.

Reece Ordaro


Reece is a Wizard. He has always had an interest in the magic art and studied very hard to get where he is. can be a bit naive at times but makes up for it with obscure facts. Is a bit of a conspiracy theorist but as of yet not proved any.





Tiah is a cleric of Solari, and neice to Elder Marcus. She has just recently arrived to visit her uncle from Amora's capital with her mission from the church to lower the orc population in the region. Does not get along with Dane for reasons she can give no logical explanation to, or will admit to.


Lin Yao


 Lin is a Wild Elf who until recently lived in the surrounding forest, until she met Sneb and quickly fell in love. Although their cultures are very different she is adjusting to the human way of life and their strange customs. 


Sneb Godfrey


Sneb is a rogue adventurer who has the nasty habit of doing amazing things when no one is around to see them. Met Lin Yao after rescuing her from a band of trolls single handedly (she was of course blindfolded at the time). He cares a great deal for both Lin and his sister "Mel". He is adjusting to a relationship well although he does look back fondly on his days of "whoring around".


Imelda "Mel" Godfrey


Imelda is "Mel" to anyone who doesn't want a plate gauntleted punch in the face. Tough warrior woman and brother to Sneb, her parents were retired adventurers turned farmers, they died when she was twelve to an orc raid. To say she dislikes orcs is an understatement. She always feels she has something to prove, and gets in bar fights often.




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